Snack Guidelines

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    Each month I will send home a snack calendar. Every day one student will be assigned as the snack helper. When it is your child's day, please send in snacks for each student in the class (20 snacks total). Snacks should be healthy and easy for your child to hand out (individually packed).

    Here are some healthy snack ideas:

    •    Fruit kabobs
    •    Cheese and Crackers
    •    Carrots and Celery
    •    Trail Mix
    •    Muffins
    •    Apples
    •    Applesauce
    •    No Gummies please, as some students may have caps on their teeth.

    Please send in 100% juice, water, or milk for drinks.

    This will be a very special day for your child as they will be the classroom helper for the day as well. They will get to be the line leader, water the plants, feed the turtle, and more!

    Plan to have your child be the snack helper on their birthday. They are welcome to bring a special birthday treat for snack that day. (cupcakes, ice cream, etc.)


    Thank you!!