• 2018 - 2019 Field Trip:
    We will be going on a fun and exciting field trip this year to Fantasy Island! I will post more information about the field trip when they become closer and when we have excat dates.  Some of these field trips will require chaperones in which I will send home permission slips to sign up.  
    *I highly suggest, if you want to go on a field trip with your son/daughter this year to sign up for the Mumford field trip.  As we only are allowed one parent chaperone on the Lockport Locks field trip due to space on the boat.  
    Is is very important that while having fun, we are staying safe, being respectful and responsible.  Please talk to your child about field trip behavior before they go on the trips.  I please ask that students wear sneakers and appropriate clothing for both field trips. 
    I do not allow electronics on the bus, there has been too many mishaps of devices getting broke or stolen. I encourage children to bring a book to read, in addition, I pack flashcards and white boards for drawing for the bus ride.  
    Pioneer Middle School does not encourage students to have electronics at lunchtime either for the same reason. 
    Thank you in advance for understanding! :)
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