• English 11 Honors (Jr. AP)
    Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson*
    2-3" binder
    Post its: pink, green, yellow, blue
    Blue/Black pens
    College-Ruled lined paper
    5 dividers (Nuts and Bolts, Literary Techniques, Literature Notes, Writing, Assessments)
    Flash drive
    * This Young-Adult novel will be used to teach students how to appropriately and thoroughly annotate a text, a skill imperative to success in this class and in future literary studies. It is most preferred that students have a hard-copy of this text (not electronic or borrowed); however, if it is not possible for a student to purchase a hard-copy of this book, there are copies I can loan for the unit. Please note: if a student borrows a text, their annotations will have to be done on post-its and the process will be more time consumptive.
    English 12A
    Pocket folder
    College-Ruled Lined paper
    Blue/Black pens
    1 pack of 3x5" index cards
    Flash drive*
    * Students may use this flash drive for other contents; however, I may need to collect the flash drive overnight so that I am able to assess student work. Please plan for this.