• Classroom Rules and Policies




    In order to have a productive year, we must follow this guideline:


    Be responsible

    Be respectful

    Be ready (prepared)


    Why do I need to know this?!

    This year’s literature and discussion will center on American Literature. We will be thinking a lot about American issues of growing up, class, race, gender, good vs. evil, religion, media, etc. As your instructor, I want you to think about how these THEMES come into your life. All texts (books, articles, TV shows, movies, etc.) should give you a guide into SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE but they should also make you THINK ABOUT YOURS AS WELL. GET READY TO DO SO...


    We’re in this together…

    Learning in this classroom goes both ways. Not only will you learn from me, but I will also learn from you. All of your ideas, thoughts, interpretations are valid, as long as you can support your responses with evidence from the text, and as long as they are respectful and appropriate. I welcome varying opinions and perspectives, as it helps us all to expand our horizons and to open our minds to new ideas.


    So, let’s work together…

    I am here to help, but I cannot help you to be successful unless you are willing to do your part!

    Please note the LATE HOMEWORK and ASSIGNMENT policy found on the class syllabus! It is extremely important that you understand this policy, as I will be strict in upholding it!