• English 11  Common Core Syllabus


    Prerequisite: Successful completion of English 10.  English 11 is a full-year program that includes the study of American Literature from the Colonial Period to the 21st Century as a backdrop for the development of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and research skills.  Emphasis will be placed on all four sections of the ELA Regents Common Core Exam, which all students will take at the completion of English 11.


    • Reading, writing, speaking, and thinking about American Literature as a touchstone to both create and hone literacy skills
    • Engage in thinking about universal issues and ideas, creating one’s own clear understanding and questions regarding these ideas
    • Practice reading, writing, and speaking for critical thinking
    • Develop useful strategies and practice for State Mandated Regents Exam




    Parents, although all of the books on the list below have literary merit, some may be more suitable for more mature students. We urge you, therefore, to carefully review the list and to help your son or daughter make a selection that is appropriate for his or her interests, age, reading level, and maturity.


     Major Texts

    Select vignettes from Girl Interrupted: Susanna Kaysen

    Select vignettes from House on Mango Street: Sandra Cisneros

    Select parts of Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson OR Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

    Clips from A Beautiful Mind (movie) directed by Ron Howard


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    Academic Honesty:  The Pioneer Central High School policy will be adhered to in all cases of academic misconduct.  Plagiarism is a serious offense.  All work is expected to be your own, original undertaking.  Using another’s work, with or without their permission and attempting to pass it off as your own is never permitted and will be severely penalized.  (Consequences for academic dishonesty will be given consistent with the Code of Conduct).

    Statement Regarding Student Conduct:  Preparing to become a graduate of Pioneer involves more than academic preparation in the classroom.  Every day you need to demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with our Code of Conduct.  All adults in our school will be watching to see that you are developing appropriate behavior and will provide you with feedback on your journey toward becoming world-class citizens.

    Consequences for Misbehavior

    1.      Step 1- Verbal Warning

    2.      Step 2-Move seat/ Confiscation of object

    3.      Step 3-Written Referral/ Removal from room

    Class Attendance and Active Participation:

    In accordance to the code of conduct, students will be written up if they are tardy to class more than three times. In addition, excessive unexcused absences will be written up.

    Important Regents information

    1.        You will be taking the Common Core Regents examination in English Language Arts at the end of this year

    2.        You must pass this exam to graduate high school with a Regents Diploma

    3.        We will be doing many types of practices to prepare for the exam throughout the year

    4.        Your grade on the Regents Examination counts as your final exam grade: it is factored in as 1/5 of your overall grade.

    5.        Take this SERIOUSLY! Even if you have passed the course, if your grade on the exam is low enough, it could cause you to fail the whole year overall.



    Homework/ Class work/participation: 20%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Projects/Tests: 30%

    Essays: 30%

    Homework is plentiful in this class: one can expect to have homework multiple times a week. If one does not have assigned homework, one may be working on a project, an essay, or reading for class.


    You are responsible for turning your work in on time- I have a very strict policy:

    Late Homework Policy:

    1.       All homework assignments must be turned in by the beginning of your class period.

    2.       If homework is turned in after your class period, or if it is turned in by the beginning of your class period the following day, you will receive 50%.

    3.       Homework after the second day will not be accepted.

    4.       LEGALLY excused absences will be the only exception.

    Late Essay and Major Assignment Policy:

    1. If you turn your assignment in on the initial deadline date, you will receive 2 bonus points for meeting the deadline.
    2. You will have up to two days after the deadline as a “grace” period, in which to turn in your work without penalty. Example: If the essay is due on Monday, you have until Wednesday to turn in your assignment without penalty (Grace period for major assignments/essays only! Homework packets handed in late will not receive more than 50%)
    3. If you hand in the assignment after the grace period, it will automatically become a 50%.
    4. If you choose to stay after school with me to complete your assignment, you can earn up to a 65%, but only if it is completed well and in a timely manner decided by us.
    5. If you never turn in your essay, you will not get a grade for the quarter; instead you will be given an incomplete.
    6. Excused absences will be taken into account.

    Late Research Paper:

     *If you do not complete the research paper, you cannot pass this class.*


    MAJOR LEARNING ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS (there may be more or less assignments given at the teacher’s discretion):


    Essays/Writings – You will be expected to learn Regents style essays. As always the writing process will be used and checked

    Research Paper - You will be expected to write a 3-5 page MLA research paper on a Human Rights Violation

    Quizzes – You will have content  and vocabulary quizzes

    Homework – You will have homework of various types, multiple times a week

    Oral Presentations – You may be called on to present to the class by yourself or with a group. These are especially important during the poetry projects we do during the year.

    Tests/Projects/Other Major Assessments – You will have tests on content in class, Benchmark exams, and projects that are connected to the content of the class that you work on both in and out of class

    Class work - this is work we do in class, notes, or work that you do on projects while in class

    Participation - Your contribution to the class and your group will be noted, tallied, and added to your grades

    Extra Credit - use of agenda, binders, and extra reading assignments, quiz questions, and other projects through the year

    Literature Circles

    For our final unit, we will be doing student-led Literature circles. The students will be working in groups and will take responsibility for one task each night. Stipulations:

    1.      If you have earned a grade of 64 or less for 2 quarters prior to this unit, you will be given an alternative assignment, which you must complete independently.

    2.      If you are not being a productive member of the group and have missed 3 or more homework assignments throughout this unit, you will be given an alternative assignment, which you must complete independently.


     Students may bring snacks and drinks to class, as long as they do not become a distraction and do not cause the student to be tardy to class.

    Cell Phone Policy

    Electronic devices are not allowed in class. I will TAKE any cell phone if it is being used or it rings in class for any reason. The first time I have to do this, I will keep it for the period. Then if I have to do this again, I will keep it until the end of the day. For the third infraction, I will give it to the office, from which a parent/guardian must pick it up.