Buying an Instrument:

    I urge parents to avoid the temptation to buy a low quality I.S.O. (Instrument Shaped Object) off the Internet. I.S.O.'s look like other string instruments, but many are, or become, virtually unplayable because of innumerable structural and set-up problems. Many well meaning parents bring their I.S.O.'s to repair shops and are disappointed to find out that the repairs needed to make their instruments playable far exceed the original price.

    First, know that we are not asking you to purchase one right now. This is a huge commitment to make, and we understand that. Renting a school instrument, you can be assured that it is kept up, taken care of and well maintained. Here are some helpful tips for you to make sure you are getting a quality instrument for your money if buying one is something you’re looking for. 

    I would love to be a part of this exciting decision you and your musician will be making, and if there is any way I can help at all please let me know.


    1. Buy from a reputable dealer.

                  We all love shopping on amazon and ebay, but the quality cannot be guaranteed by those websites. It is important to be able to talk to someone verbally about the instrument. It is also important to be able to try the instrument out before making this commitment. 

    2. Converse.

    It is important to have conversations with your school teacher or private teacher about purchasing an instrument. They have been trained for years on what is quality and what to look for in an instrument. Please take the time to get their advice about this subject.

    3. Take it for a test drive.

    Literally. Make sure you try it before you buy it! Think of it like a car. If you wouldn’t buy a car off ebay, then it’s probably not a good idea to buy an investment like a violin off ebay. 

    4. Plan

    Some reputable dealers will have a ‘trade in, trade up’ policy. Where after your student grows out of their instrument they can trade it in for the value and use that money towards another higher quality instrument. THESE ARE THE BEST DEALS! 


    Here are some reputable websites to look at: 

    www.sullivanviolins.com  <--- in Rochester, NY and has a great trade in policy!  
    www.sharmusic.com   <— has a trade in policy!


    www.thestringhouse.com <— in Rochester, NY

    I would be happy to help you and guide you in this exciting journey, if you have any questions at all please contact me at:

    egervase@pioneercsd.org OR 492-9300 ext. 1436

    Emily Gervase