Our Classroom Behavior Plan



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Our Classroom Behavior Plan



       The behavior system that will be in place this year will be a card system. Each student will receive a green card, a yellow card, and a red card with their names on them. These will remain on the wall in our classroom for the duration of the year.
  1. A green card will represent that the student had a great day and made appropriate choices frequently.
  2. A yellow card represents that the student made some bad choices throughout the course of the day and, as a result, has to miss half of recess.
  3. A red card means that the student frequently made bad choices and, as a result, has to miss all of recess.
  4. In extreme cases where a red card has been given and the student is still making poor decisions, a phone call will be made home, the child may be written up, and/or the principal will be notified of the behavior.
     5. Each day that students come in, they will begin with a green card.
    6. An important piece to this hierarchy/theory is that students have the ability to earn their colors back by making better choices.
    ** This behavior system is a model developed by Dr. Marvin Marshall. It is a philosophy that focuses on teaching responsibility and developing self-control for each student. To learn more about this philosophy, please visit www.marvinmarshall.com.