Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy

    Reading and math homework is given on a regular basis. On most occasions, students will  have the opportunity to begin these assignments in school. Homework assignments are intended to be completed independently. If your son/daughter does not understand a concept, please write a note on the assignment paper or in their agenda so that extra time can be devoted to that skill during the school day. The Common Core Learning Standards present material in new ways, ways that we, as adults, were not taught during our years of schooling. Please be mindful of this as your son/daughter work through their assignments over the course of the year. 

    If a student does not turn in an assignment, they will be provided with one extra copy. If the assignment does not get handed in after three days, the assignment will receive a zero. Homework in social studies,  science, and english is given on a limited basis and usually consists of studying from a study guide for a test. Blank study guides and/or vocabulary cards will be sent home at the start of each unit (science/SS) so that you can begin reviewing with your child. An additional study guide will be sent home before the test.
    Part of your son/daughter’s homework will be to have their agenda signed each day by their parent or guardian.


    Reading Homework                          

    Reading will play a very critical role in your child’s success in fourth grade. Reading homework is given Monday through Sunday with flexibility as to when it is completed. Every family's schedule is unique and busy. With that being said, reading homework guidelines are intended to fit every schedule and family situation.
    Your child will receive a reading calendar that will remain in their binder. Parent signature is required for each day of reading along with how many minutes they read and how many pages they read. Students will be required to read a total of 100 minutes per week. It is up to you, the parent, and your child as to when and how  you want to complete the minutes of reading. As long as 100 minutes are read within the week, the student has completed their requirement. They will also be required to complete the summary found on the back of the calendar page when they have finished a book. Reading homework is CRUCIAL to your child’s success this year!
    Please note that students need to bring the book that they are reading for homework to school with them each day! 



    Your child will receive an Arcade Elementary School agenda that will remain in their binders for the entire year. Each day, the students will fill in their assignments for the day and each day parent signature will be required in the agenda/planner. This will indicate that you are aware of the assigned homework and have checked that it has been completed. The agenda is a great communication tool! Feel free to write me notes, comments, or concerns! If you notice that your child is struggling with an assignment or a concept, you can write me a quick note and I’ll get back to you that same day. You will also notice that your child will receive a star at the top of the agenda. If they have a star, that means that they have all the assignments written down and haven’t forgotten any. This way, you will know that the assignments they have written down are accurate. Thank you for your help in ensuring your child has their homework done each and every day!