Policy Board Minutes



    Policy Board Meeting Minutes

    March 11, 2019

    4:00 p.m. – Room D120 -- Pioneer Middle School

    Board Members:

    Teachers Present: Susan Dressel, Frank Guzzetta, Jennifer Palmerton

    Others Present: Michael Irizarry

    Absent: Gio LoBianco, Thomas Izydorczak, Mary Rauscher, Michelle Lyons, Carolyn Richards, Tammy Burton, Karen Haynes, Jessica Hibbard, Deb Rickerson, Laura Tatlow

    Quorum present? N/A


    Others Present (non-voting):

    Benjamin Halsey – Superintendent of Schools

    Jill Wilkie - Teacher Center Director/Teacher



    • Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Chairperson, Jennifer Palmerton
    1. Consensus Report – Minutes – February 4, 2019

                                     Financial Report

                Motion:   To approve Consensus Report as presented.

                 1st  Sue Dressel                       2nd   Frank Guzzetta

    All in favor. Motion passed.


    1. Forthcoming Meetings
      • May 2, 2019 -- FarWest Regional Directors’ Meeting – Erie 1 BOCES
      • May 6, 2019 – Policy Board meeting
      • June 3, 2019 – Policy Board meeting


    1. State, Curriculum/TC Updates

    The director updated the Policy Board on the following items:

    • Workshop Updates

    The director reviewed course registrations received for the final spring 2019 in-service course. Registrations for the 2019-2020 school year were also shared.

    • User-Friendly Manual for MLP

    The Policy Board discussed the possibility of creating a user-friendly manual or cheat sheet for users of MLP when confirming completion of surveys, reflection forms and in-service course requests.

    • Committee of 100 and NYSTC Spring Symposium 2019 Updates

    The director shared information from the Committee of 100 and NYSTC Spring Symposium, held in Albany from March 4-6, 2019. Some highlights included positive, supportive meetings with legislators; an overview of the 2019-2020 Continuation Application by TC Program Director, Dawn Graham; a keynote address by Commissioner of Education Mary Ellen Elia; and several learning opportunities on Social Emotional Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, NGLS and technology.

    • The Policy Board made the decision to cancel the April 1 Policy Board meeting. The next meeting will be held on May 6, 2019.


    1. Webmaster Update

        All information on the website is up to date. The 2019-2020 PTC In-Service Course Catalog, Calendar and Registration Form are available online. After the meeting, the next meeting date in May and minutes from February’s meeting will be uploaded to the website.


    1. Building Liaison Information
      • PTC In-Service Workshop registrations for the 2018-2019 school year are now closed.
      • 2019-2020 PTC In-Service Workshop registrations are now being accepted.
      • Registration forms are still required for workshops, sent to the Teacher Center in electronic or hard copy format.
      • Teachers must complete a request in My Learning Plan (MLP). PLEASE USE THE DISTRICT CATALOG—DO NOT SUBMIT A “NEW REQUEST.”
      • The TC cannot accept payments for 2019-2020 in-service courses until July 1, 2019.
      • 2018-2019 course payments are being accepted. Please submit $100 payment as soon as possible.
      • PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “PIONEER CENTRAL SCHOOLS” and in the memo line, please write “Pioneer In-Service”
      • Summer 2018 course payments were due October 31.
      • Fall 2018 course payments will be due on February 28.
      • Teachers should not start coursework before receiving approval in MLP.
      • Reflection Forms will be completed in My Learning Plan. Forms will be completed and submitted directly in My Learning Plan. Please remember to identify three course objectives on the Reflection Form. Course objectives can be found on the course syllabus that was received from the course instructor. If a course has more than three goals/objectives, choose three to report on. A list of course objectives by course can be found on the Teacher Center website.
      • When taking a course from an outside provider (ASCD, etc.), a Reflection Form should be completed in MLP, following the same procedures.
      • Please complete Reflection Forms and Post-Evaluation surveys in MLP as soon as possible to allow for timely payment of your in-service stipend in June.


    1. In-Service Course Review

    The Policy Board was updated on the final total number of participants for the 2018-2019 course (Powerful Partnerships book study). Five additional participants joined for a total of 13. The 2019-2020 PTC Course Catalog and Calendar were released on time on February 27, 2019. As of March 11, 81 registrations have been received for 2019-2020 course offerings.


    1. Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire Review

    The Policy Board discussed and reviewed this year’s Annual Center Effectiveness

    Questionnaire.   It will be distributed Monday, April 8, with a return date of Friday, April 12, 2019.   The Policy Board will randomly draw four individuals (from those questionnaires with names) who will be awarded one free poster for completing the survey.

    Motion: To approve the 2018-2019 Annual Center Effectiveness Questionnaire

         1st    Frank Guzzetta                     2nd     Sue Dressel              All in favor.  Motion passed.


    1. TC Director Evaluation / By-Laws Review

    The Policy Board conducted the Teacher Center Director’s annual evaluation and salary review.

    Motion: To approve the Teacher Center Director’s salary for the 2019-2020 school year, as amended in the By-Laws.

         1st   Frank Guzzetta                   2nd     Sue Dressel                          All in favor.  Motion passed.


    Motion made by Sue Dressel to adjourn meeting, seconded by Frank Guzzetta.

    All in favor. Motion passed.

    • Next meeting – May 6, 2019
    • Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


    Minutes submitted by TC Secretary, Debbie McDonald