Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Policy

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Policy
    Athletes perform best when they are not using tobacco products, alcohol, steroids, illegal drugs, prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs not used appropriately, or any other type of mood altering substances.  This district, the Athletic Department, and the Coaching Staff are concerned with the overall health habits of student athletes.


    The High School Athletic Code of Conduct is in effect from the first day a student joins a Pioneer Athletic Team and remains in effect for the duration of that season. 


    A first offense, when substantiated by the Athletic Director and Principal, will result in suspension from active participation in the athletic program and an opportunity for rehabilitation.  The student athlete must attend a rehabilitation program assigned by the Eligibility Review Board.  Student athletes may then appeal to the Eligibility Review Board for reinstatement to the athletic program. (Appeal meeting date will be scheduled a minimum of 15 days from initial meeting.)


    A second offense while participating in athletics at Pioneer will result in suspension form the athletic program for a period of one year (365 days). The student athlete may rejoin the Pioneer Athletic program after (1) serving the suspension (2) participating in rehabilitation program assigned by the Eligibility Review Board and (3) presents to the Review Board for reinstatement. (See Eligibility Certification #9)


    Student offense is seen and reported  - Requires signed document of offense.


    By School Official – Proceed to                     By another adult (needs to be investigated by AD  

    Eligibility Review Board                                  and Principal) If substantiated, proceed to Eligibility                                                                                    Review Board


    Exonerated – Student athlete may return to Pioneer Athletic Program


    1st Offense – (1) Suspended from the Athletic Program (2) Assigned a mandated rehabilitation program (3) Upon successful completion of the prescribed program, meeting with student, parent, and eligibility board(2coachs, AD, and Principal) (4)Possible reinstatement to athletic program after prescribed suspension period (5) Recertification to rejoin athletic program.


    2nd Offense – (1) Suspended for 1 year – 365 days (2) Assigned a mandated rehabilitation program (3) Upon successful completion of prescribed program, meeting with a student, parent and eligibility board (2coaches, AD, and principal) (4) Possible reinstatement to athletic program (5) Recertification to rejoin athletic program.

Last Modified on February 21, 2018