How to Be Successful in Math

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    Math tends to build from one topic to another, so absences can create "gaps."



    Be on time.              

    Bring supplies.               

    Follow directions.    

    Pay attention.               

                          Ask questions.



    It is easier to find materials, homework and notes.

    Maintaining a clean locker is also essential. 

    Having a clean locker means time will not be wasted  at the locker and students should not be late for classes.



    Complete it     

    Get homework done before class.

    Look over it    

    After finishing each problem, check the answer. 

    Does it make sense? 

    Seek Help      

    If you don't understand, seek help so you can learn.

    SAW GAP!!     

    “Show All Work, Get All Points”




    Do your homework, study for tests, and ask for help. 

    Cheating is never a good idea!

    *It  won't help you or the other person learn the material.

    So don't do it!