Pioneer Concussion Management

  • Pioneer Central School Departments Guidance for Concussion Management
    Pioneer acknowledges its role in the following activities:
    ·         Reducing the incidence of head injuries/concussions among high school students
    ·         Monitoring concussed athletes and working with the school physician and ImPACT testing for return to play decisions.

    Consequently, the Concussion Management Team of Pioneer Central School District has established the following policies:

    Provide ImPACT testing for all students at Pioneer Central School District; not just student athletes.

    ImPACT testing will only be given by personnel trained in the software.  This includes (Certified Athletic Trainer), Nurses, Athletic Director, and Physical Education Teachers.

    Assist in the return to play protocol by providing a Certified Athletic Trainer to work with school physician and the student/athlete.

    PIONEER Protocol for Return to Play:

    We have developed this protocol in order to ensure the health and safety of the student-athlete.  Assistance and cooperation in education the child of the importance of following a graduated re-entry to play following a head injury are deeply appreciated:

    Protocol:  Step 1 begins after 24 hours symptom free period and Licensed Physician release:

    Step 1:  Light aerobic exercise (ie:  stationary bike, walking)

    Step 2:  Sport Specific exercise (running without contact), no resistance training.

    Step 3:  Low resistance training under supervision and with spotting.

    Step 4:  Non-Contact training drills (retake Impact test) (Needs to be cleared by school physician)

    Step 5:  Full-Contact Training

    Step 6:  Return to play

    Any return of symptoms re-starts the protocol from the prior day (step).

    This protocol applies to mild concussions which are the first for an athlete.  More serious concussions, for example, if there is any loss of consciousness, and subsequent concussions carry more risk and require a longer process.  In these cases, the protocol will be individualized and determined by the athletic trainer, private physician, and school physician working together.  All final decisions about clearance for school athletics will be determined by the school physician.
    A concussion is a reaction by the brain to a jolt or force that can be transmitted to the head by an impact or blow occurring anywhere on the body.  Essentially a concussion results from the brain moving back and forth or twisting rapidly inside the skull.
    Education:  Each school coach, physical education teacher, nurse, and  athletic trainer will have to complete an approved course on concussion management on biennial basis, starting with the 2012-2013 school year. School coaches and physical education teachers must complete the CDC course.
    Information:  Provide concussion management information and sign off with any parental permission form.  The NYSPHSAA will provide a pamphlet to member schools on the concussion management information for parents
    Removal from Athletics:  Require the immediate removal from athletic activity of any pupil that has or is believed to have sustained a mild traumic brain injury.No pupils will be allowed to resume athletic activity until they have been symptom free for 24 hours and have been evaluated by and received written and signed authorization form a licensed physician.  .Such authorization must be kept in the pupil’s permanent health record.Schools shall follow directives issued by the pupil’s treating physician


Last Modified on February 26, 2018