• Second Grade Homework

    Homework written on a Chalkboard

         Mrs. Wilkie's second graders have homework every night, Monday through Thursday. Second graders bring their homework home in an agenda. The homework should be completed and parents need to sign their child's agenda every evening. Parents, please allow your child to complete his or her homework independently, but do check over the homework and have your child make corrections. Your guidance is very important! Please click on the link for information about homework. 
         Every Friday, Mrs. Wilkie's second graders will come home with their "Weekly Mailbox" take home folder. This folder will be filled with the student's class work from the week. Parents should share and review the work with their child over the weekend. Parents should sign in their child's agenda that they saw their child's work for the week and return the take home folder on Monday. Please note that all school mail and notices from our classroom will be sent home daily, as necessary, in your child's agenda. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!