2nd Grade Music

  • 2nd Grade music focuses heavily on developing the singing voice, learning basic music elements, and playing classroom instruments.   A bit of introductory work is done on the notes of the staff to prepare students for playing the recorder in 3rd grade.  2nd grade features a unit on Camille Saint-Saens The Carnival of the Animals in which students discover how music can be made to imitate other sounds.    



    √ Understanding how pitch, loudness, duration, and timbre can affect singing voice   

    √ Understanding that music plays a key role in every culture  

    √ Understanding that music is reflective of culture  

    √ Understanding that music helps shape the social and cultural climate  

    √ Understanding that individual elements make up a musical composition  

    √ Playing music alone and in groups  

    √ Understanding being part of a team and learning community   '

    √ Understanding that stories can be told verbally, musically and through movement.  

    √ Understanding ballet and music as a pure expression of dreams and emotions   Understanding that music can be representative