• Homework on Chalkboard

    Homework is assigned on a nightly basis (Monday - Friday) unless otherwise noted. Homework is given as an extension of material already taught in the classroom for review and practice. Any classwork that your child does not complete during our school day will also become homework due the following day.  Students will have a homework agenda to record their daily assignments and to safely transport their papers to and from school.
    Homework is generally due the following day unless otherwise noted. Students who fail to return the assignment on the due date will use free time to work on the assignment, and they will not receive credit for the assignment or free time privileges until it is completed and turned in.
    Homework is not graded, however, it is corrected and marked as complete or incomplete. My goals for homework assignments are to reinforce material already taught AND to help each child become a responsible learner.
    Please assist your child with homework only as needed. Let them give it a try first. However, if your child makes mistakes, please point out the mistakes and guide them to finding the correct answer(s).

    PARENT INVOLVEMENT is crucial in this area. I ask that each completed assignment is reveiwed by a parent AND the parent signs his/her child's agenda.
    In addition to specific assigned homework (for example a math sheet), your child should engage in 15 minutes of sustained silent reading.  Readers' Workshop folders will be sent home on weekends for your child to record books read while at home.