Supply List

  • Third Grade Supply List


    Dear Family,

              Your child will need the following school supplies. Colors are noted on some items for organizational purposes. Please bring all items to school on Orientation Day.

    ·       2 dozen pencils

    ·       1 pink eraser

    ·       6-8 glue sticks

    ·       1 small bottle of liquid glue

    ·       Washable markers (8 count is plenty)

    ·       Crayons (24 count is plenty)

    ·       2 dry erase markers (black or blue)

    ·       1 highlighter (yellow)

    ·       1 package of Post-It Notes (3”x3”)

    ·       1 red pen

    ·       1 Sharpie Marker (duel tip)

    ·       1 pair of scissors

    ·       6 two pocket folders (one red, one blue, one green, one yellow, one purple, one orange)

    ·       2 composition notebooks (black and white marbled type)

    ·       1 single subject spiral notebook (wide ruled)

    ·       1 package of loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)

    ·       1 package of index cards (3”x5”) 

    ·       1 clean sock

    ·       1 pair of ear buds (check out a local dollar store)

    Special Area Supply List:

    ·       Art smock

    ·       Music folder (2 pocket any color)

    ·       Gym sneakers


    I also ask for a $2.00 additional supply fee from each family to help defray the cost of supplies I have already purchased for your child. These supplies include: an agenda binder, a pencil caddy, and 2 three-pronged pocket folders. Thank you in advance for your support in getting your child off to a great start in third grade! 




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