• The children and I make a Social Contract that clearly dictates our agreed upon classroom rules.  This Social Contract is made during the first weeks of school.  We also make the agreed upon consequences to any disruption in the classroom rules together.  This gives the students more of a say in what behaviors are acceptable, and which ones are unacceptable to them.  I do guide the students in the rules so everyone is treated with respect.  Being respectful to one another, as well as any adult, is my main focus so we can have a happy, safe and successful learning environment.  Our school district is compliant with New York State's D.A.S.A. policy.  I agree with the Dignity for All Students Act and see that our classmates follow the policy as well.  Any student reported to me for bullying will then be reported to the office and dealt with in a swift manner. 
    Classroom Policies:
    1.  All classwork should be completed in class, however, there are times when students might need an extra five minutes to complete the work.  Any unfinished classwork therefore will become homework. 
    2.  Homework needs to be completed that night and is due the next morning, unless otherwise stated.  Remember, we have an EXCELLENT HOMEWORK HELP PROGRAM AT SCHOOL that your child may attend with a signed permission form.  The knowledgable and helpful staff can assist your child with homework every afternoon if your child is not getting it done at home or if they need assistance.  I do allow and ENCOURAGE corrections on nightly math homework.  I will give back half credit for any corrected work and your child's grade will be adjusted accordingly. 
    3.  I will provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child and will treat them with respect.  In return, I ask that your child conduct themselves in a safe and respectful way around the other students.  They need to keep their own body, language and behavior in check and under control at all times.  We are in school to learn and to work together.  This cannot be accomplished if others are fearful or interrupted by a student who is acting in an inappropriate or demeaning manor. 
Last Modified on July 17, 2018