• Software:
    • Accelerated Reader (K-4)  Level books and assessments. Comprehension and vocabulary quizzes.  Ties to Scott Foresman reading series.
    • Star Literacy (2,3,4)   Literacy assessment tool.
    • Star Early Literacy (K,1,2)   Literacy assessment tool.
    • Math Facts in a Flash (2,3,4)   Math practice and assessment
    Book Flix  (K-4)   Paired fiction and non-fiction texts based on a theme.  Includes follow up activities, related websites, author information, can read text to students.
    Media Net
    • Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. (K-4)   All subjects. Good for introduction of new material and review. Includes leveled quizzes, writing component, vocab word wall, printable materials and other activities.       
    • Discovery Streaming (K-4)   Searchable video library.
    • Teaching Books (K-4)   Summary or guide to teaching books. Includes lesson plan ideas and video/audio links.
    Starfall  (PreK-1)   Letter and sound recognition, some blending, small word identification.  Work book available.
    RTI/Spec Ed.   Approval necessary prior to use.
    • Earobics  (K-4)   Phonemic training.
    • Kurzweil  (K-4)   Text reader/writer, auditory. feedback to writing.
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking  (2-4)  Text to auditory, speech to text.
    • Living Books  (K-4)  Interactive stories with vocabulary.  Students can read independently or the software will read for them.  Sign out CDs from LMC.
    • EdMark – Island Adventure (K-1)  Pre-reading program.  Letter recognition and sounds, some sight words.
    • Ocean Adventure (1-2) Stories, phonics, the next level of reading.  Sign out CDs from LMC.
    Reader Rabbit  (K-3)   Three different levels for all abilities.  This program runs from the NAL.
    Sight Words  (K-1)   Computer based flash cards for common sight words.
    Jumpstart Series  (K-2)   Interactive reading and math activities and educational games.  Sign out CDs from LMC.
    Freddi Fish  (K-4)   Reading and critical thinking challenge.  Sign out CDs from LMC.
    Type To Learn  (2-4)  Teaches typing skills through lessons and games. This program runs from the NAL.
    Zoombinis (3-4)  Individual critical thinking skill activities.  This program runs from the NAL.
Last Modified on July 27, 2010