• Hardware: 


    Note – Unless indicated, please reserve these resources through the Resource Reservation System in Lotus Notes.
    Elmos  (K- 4) 
    Digital overhead projector that allows you to project solid objects. Very similar to the old opaque projectors.
    Smartboards  (K- 4) 
    Interactive whiteboards that allow the manipulation of computer programs such as PowerPoint, Interwrite and Smart Software.
    Wireless Chalkboards  (K- 4)
    Hand held, mobile device that allows you to control your mouse from anywhere in the classroom. 
    CPS (clickers)  (K- 4)
    Formative assessment tool that allows students to use hand held remote “clickers” to provide instantaneous feedback to teacher prompts.  Can be used for surveys, formal and informal assessments, Jeopardy style review games.
    Flip Cameras  (K- 4)
    Small video cameras that capture up to 2 hours of video.  Video is easily downloaded via USB onto your computer for use in web pages, presentations, etc.
    Digital Cameras (K-4) 
    These use digital memory cards, no film.  Pictures are easily downloaded using memory card readers. Reserve through the LMC.
    Memory Card Readers (K-4) 
    Read digital camera memory cards, allowing you to download pictures from your camera onto your computer. Sign out through LMC.
    Polycom Cart   (K-4)
    Mobile Virtual Field Trip carts. These enable you to participate in Virtual Field Trips right in your classroom.  Contact Mike Wright for assistance.
    DMP Cart  (Auditorium Only)
    Available for projection of presentations or playing audio in the auditorium.  Contact Deb Howard for assistance.


    Wireless Laptop Carts  (2-4)
    24 wireless, internet-capable laptops in a cart.  Use anytime you need an entire classroom set of computers for projects, research, Kidbiz, Bookflix, etc. 


    Computer Lab (LMC) (1-4)
    A classroom set of 28 desktop computers, smartboard, projector.


    Document Scanners (K-4: teachers) 
    Used for converting documents to digital format. Located in the LMC.  See Deb Howard for assistance.
Last Modified on May 19, 2010