• Its never too early to start planning.  Ask yourself........

    1. What are my dreams and vision of my life as an adult?
    2. What are my strengths?  How will I build upon them to facilitate a successful transition?
    3. What skills do I need to develop or improve to make progress toward my post-school goals?
    4. What type of diploma am I seeking?  What course of study and exams are required?
    5. Will I work toward a vocational certificate of completion?  Do I want to persue a college education?
    6. If I am unsure of what my career interests are, what can I do to explore career opportunities and preferences now?
    7. Will it help me to participate in job shadowing or work experience programs?
    8. In what school or community activities should I get involved?
    9. Which agencies in the community can help me with my educational and vocational goals, finacial planning, and the overall transition planning process?
    10. Where do I begin?