Here are a few tips for buying instruments.

    1.) "Rent to Own" programs are almost always the best way to go. While renting you have no obligation to buy the instrument, however, if you rent long enough, the instrument becomes yours. These programs are great because the instrument is covered by insurance. If anything happens to it, (even if it is your fault), it is repaired or replaced at no cost to you. "Rent to Own" programs are the most affordable way to purchase and instrument. Our local music store, Lime Lake Music offers a great rent to own program. The school also deals with Crino Music in Dunkirk for many of it's instrumental needs. They also offer a rent to own program. Check out both stores and compare to make sure you get the best quality instrument at the absolute lowest possible price.


    There are many companies making inexpensive instruments. These instruments are made out of weak metal. When played, they bend out of adjustment. We have not been able to find a repair man willing to fix these instruments because they can not gaurantee their work on them. After the instrument is repaired it will bend again. These instruments are inconsistant and do not play in tune.

    Here's the kicker, they are bought in bulk with no name on them. When purchased they are engraved with any name the seller wants to put on them.

    3.) So.. Here's what to do. When buying on-line, stick to known brand names that are proven.(Yamaha, Selmer, Bundy, Conn, etc.)

    4.) Always make sure you have a trial period with the instrument. 5 Days is a good trial period. If a seller does not agree to a trial period it is probably not an instrument they are willing to garantee.

    5.) Show the instrument to your teacher during the trial period.

    6.) Most of all, consult your music teacher when looking. We hear of people selling good instruments at excelent prices all of the time. And most importantly we can protect you from a bad deal. Feel free to call Mr. Burch or Mrs. Woolley at school with any questions or concerns. We're always glad to help.

    Follow link for more info on cheap instruments and why it is a waste of money to buy them.