Each student attends one lesson a week to learn and refine technique and tone production specific to thier instrument. Also reading and aural skills are emphacized.




    Each band meets at least twice a week for ensemble rehearsal. During rehearsal; balance, blend, intonation, dynamics and articulation are emphacized. The band works toward perfect unity in all aspects.



    Lessons are on a rotating schedule so that students will only be pulled from each class once a month or less instead of being pulled from the same class each week.


    Private lessons really help you improve - they are good for all levels of students. Beginners and those a bit behind can catch up, intermediate students can become our better players and advanced players can become our superstars! Contact me for suggestions for private teachers. Middle school students should have adult teachers, not high school students. The high school tutor program is great for increasing the interest level of the elementary students, but high school students do not have the expertise to actually teach.