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    Homework written on blackboard

    Students are expected to complete  homework on time. A 10 point penalty will be given for assignments that are late that are not accompanied by a parent's note.  If a student does not turn the activity in, the resulting grade will be a 0%.   Importantly, it is the student's responsibility to write the daily assignments in his/her assignment agenda. Daily assignments are reviewed  twice a day  to allow students to record homework assignments. Students are to learn how to use the agenda to help pack their backpacks for the evening so needed texts or activities are not left in school.  By the way, students will have 25 minutes each day  during Learning Lab to complete some or all of their assignments.  Musicians in chorus, band, or orchestra will have rehearsals every other day during Learning Lab so the homework time will be lessened.

    I want to remind all parents and guardians that our Middle School provides a daily afternoon Homework Help room staffed by teachers to support your child in completing and mastering the academic content. I am the 6th grade Homework Help supervising teacher every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.