1.     ATTENDANCE     No secret here.
    Because of the nature of math, where one topic builds on another, each absence tends to create a learning gap that is tough to fill. Try to limit absences to sickness and emergencies.


    2.      SERIOUSNESS OF PURPOSE   Make every class count.

    Be on time. Bring supplies. Follow directions. Stay focused. Ask questions. Show respect.


    3.      ORGANIZATION     The key to success!

    Maintain an organized 3-ring binder (notebook) so that notes, reference sheets, homework, quizzes, etc. are easily located.


    4.      HOMEWORK     Perfect practice makes perfect.


    ·         DO IT!!     Do all homework before attending class.  Your teachers do expect you to study the notes and/or your book before attempting problems.

    ·         CHECK IT!!     After finishing each problem, check the answer (if an answer key is provided).

    ·         CORRECT IT!!     If an answer is wrong, then search for the error and correct before continuing.  If you cannot find the error, then circle the problem.

    ·         GET HELP!!     Seek help for any unsolved problems on the assignment. 

    ·         SAW GAP!!     “Show All Work, Get All Points”


    5.      RESOURCEFULNESS     Don’t give up on problems.

                ·         Study class notes. 

    ·         Check your work for careless mistakes. 

    ·         Look at the correct answer for clues. 

    ·         Try to solve it a different way. 

    ·         Take a rest and return to the problem with a fresh outlook. 

    ·         Get hints and help from an adult. 

    ·         Call a friend. 


    6.      RESPONSIBILITY     Take charge of your education.

     Never, never, never copy someone else’s work or let someone else do the problem for you! 

    Don’t depend too much on getting help from other people.  Sometimes it is in that struggle to find a solution on your own that you learn the most.


    Be Responsible!     Be Respectful!      Be Ready!

Last Modified on March 5, 2018