Summer Reading.....Explained


    Research has shown that reading over the summer months is very important in maintaining reading skills and developing life-long reading habits.  Therefore, students entering eighth grade at Pioneer Middle School will be required to read at least two books this summer.  These books should be new to them.  In other words, they should not have read them in the past--in or out of a core class.


    As you know, daily reading has become a part of our Middle School Philosophy.  Participating in ELA means that students are used to reading every day, so it should not be much of an obstacle.  Students may read more than two books, depending on how quickly or how much they read.  We certainly challenge them to do so! 


    As always, our primary goal is to foster a love of reading and keep eyes on print.  Your child has become familiar with the kinds of books he/she enjoys reading and we are confident they will continue these practices over the summer months.  The novels they read should, however, be appropriate for their individual reading level If your child has enjoyed a particular novel, but doesn’t know what to read next, you may find the website http://whatshouldireadnext.com useful. Also, attached is a list of SUGGESTED reading choices to assist you and your child.  Students may select books from the list or they may choose other books they are interested in.  


    Although which books the students read is a choice, the accompanying work is REQUIRED.


    The reading and all work should be completed by the start of school. This packet of work (calendars, graphic organizer, draft, typed essay) will be collected for a grade on Friday, September 14th.   


    To help you and your child plan for this assignment and as a courtesy to you, we are sending this information home now so that you can plan and prepare for the work over the summer months. 


    Students should read regularly, fill out the calendar in regard to this reading, and complete the essay. 


    For additional information and duplicate copies of any of the forms, either see our Middle School webpages or the Middle School Library Webpage.


    Thank you.  I look forward to working with you and your child next year.




Last Modified on September 6, 2018