Lucy's Fun Facts





    Born August 22, 2007Lucy


    Mom's name is Breezy Bailey Buttercup


    Dad's name is Riley O'Socks Swiper


    Two sisters, three brothers


    Favorite Books:  Corduroy, Biscuit Series, and Goalie


    Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter


    Favorite Toy: Stuffed John Deere Tractor given to me by a special friend ;)


    Favorite Song: Who Let The Dogs Out?
    Favorite Color: PINK


    Favorite Pastime: Spending my time in school with ALL of my friends, I especially love it when students read to me!!!!


    Favorite Leisure Activities: Swimming in the pond, rolling in the mud and chewing gum, especially the wads you guys leave around school =)


    Pet Peeves: Ms. Cooney's singing (especially early in the morning), bullies, baths, and an empty treat jar





Last Modified on March 19, 2018