Course Description and Objectives

  • Welcome to Mrs. Wyman's Life Science Class

    Topics of 7th Grade Life Science Include:
    What is Science?- Branches of science, the scientific method, experimental design and its applications
    Scientific Tools and Measuring-Measuring length, volume, and mass using metric and how to magnify objects using a microscope
    Microworld-Detailed exploration of plant and animal cell machinery, viruses and more!
    Life Goes On- Basic genetics and genetic engineering
    Natural Selection-Darwin's voyage and his findings
    Taxonomy- Why Classify Living Things? Bacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants and Animals
    Welcome to Mrs. Wyman's Accelerated Science Class
    In this class you will study all of the content above,  in addition to 8th grade material.  This material includes exciting topics such as matter and its properties, Newton's Laws, the periodic table, weather, and astronomy. 
Last Modified on May 22, 2018