My main objective for anyone in my class is to feel valued and respected.  I believe that happy children who feel safe and nurtured in my classroom will thrive no matter what their skill level may be. 
         I have many goals for my students.  I think the most important goal I have for each child is to make them THINK ABOUT and QUESTION the material I present to them.  Thinking for themselves is a skill they will use throughout not just their education, but throughout their lives.  My focus is not just to prepare them for the many local and state tests they will take this year, but to lay a solid foundation for their future learning.  
    Academic Areas that we will focus on with Ms. Gates are as follows:
    Pioneer Central Schools have adopted the New York State Common Core for Math.  If you have had a child in 5th grade previous to this year, our curriculum has changed!  Our new focus in math will be:
    70% of our time will be spent on:
    •    number sense
    •    place value
    •    decimals and decimal place value
    •    fractions
    •    division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions 
    •    whole number place value
    •    decimal place value 
    •    arithmetic: addition and subtraction to 1/100ths, multiplication and division by a one digit whole number
    •    addition and multiplication with volume and area 
    Number and Operations in Base Ten
    Understand the place value system.
    Perform operations with multi‐digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.
    Number and Operations – Fractions
    Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions.
    Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions.
    Measurement and Data
    Geometric measurement: understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and to addition.
    Measurement and Data 
    20% of our time will be spent on:
    •   multi digit whole number operations
    •   geometry
    •   measurement and data
    •   extensions and applications of multiplication and division of fractions
    Represent and interpret data.
    Convert like measurement units within a given measurement system.  
    10% of our time will be spent on:
    •   algebra
    •   graph points on the coordinate plane to solve problems  
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    Write and interpret numerical expressions.
    Analyze patterns and relationships.
    Graph points on the coordinate plane to solve real‐world and mathematical problems.
    Classify two‐dimensional figures into categories based on their properties.
    My goal is to best prepare your child for any benchmarks we will take through out the school year our many unit tests, and ultimately, the NYS Math test in late April.  
    Science:  Our 5th grade team gets our curriculum from the New York State Science Standards. 



    The units we complete in order are:

    • Scientific Method
    • lassification/Inquiry
    • Living/Non-Living/Dead
    • Science Court
    •  Cells
    • Microscopes
    •  Human Body Systems:
    • Skeletal/Muscular Systems
    • Central Nervous System
    • Circulatory
    • Respiratory System
    •  Digestive/Excretory
    •  Environmental Science
Last Modified on July 17, 2018