• 5/6 Chorus  Director Mrs. Catalano


     7/8 Chorus   Director Mrs. Higgins

    All Middle School students have an opportunity to sing in chorus.

    5th grade chorus meets period 12 every other day

    6th grade chorus meets period 12 every other day

    7/8 grade chorus are split into two sections with one section meeting period 8/9 ACE days and the other section meeting period 8/9 BDF days

    These are the performances for each group this year:
    November 28, 2018- 5/6 Chorus 7/8 Chorus  with High School Chorus
    December 20, 2018- 7/8 Chorus with 6-8 Band and 6-8 Orchestra
    March 27, 2019- 5/6 Chorus and 7/8 Chorus  Show Choir
    May 22, 2019- All Choral
    May 31, 2019 7/8 Chorus Darien Lake Competition
    There are also opportunities to audition for All-county Chorus which is held in March as well as audition at NYSSMA solofest in May

Last Modified on July 12, 2018