• Classroom rules:                                                                                                     
    1. Be respectful- respect yourself and othersgirl raising hand
    2. Be responsible- you are responsible for your actions
    3. Be ready- arrive to class with all of your materials on time and be ready to learn
    Remember to bring your tablet and headphones to class each day!
    Grading policy:
    35% Tests and Projects
    25% Classwork (speaking and listening)
    25% Quizzes
    15% Homework

    You will have 1 day to complete and HAND IN assignments for each day of being absent.
    Homework policy: No late homework. Speak with me privately for special circumstances.
    While homework only counts for 15% of the actual grade, it is the necessary out of class practice that helps to increase quiz, test, projects, and classwork grades. Be sure to review vocabulary 5-10 minutes a night!
Last Modified on September 29, 2017