Classroom Rule & Policies


    Basic Rules:

    1.  Respect - Respect other people, their thoughts, ideas and answers.  Respect other people's belonging, the school and the teacher.

    2. Responsibility.  Be responsible for yourself and for your actions.
    3.  Ready.  Come to class with all materials, ready to learn.
    4.  TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More. 
    Everyday classroom rules: (The FAB FOUR)
    1.  F ollow directions
            Listen to what is being asked and follow the rules.
    2. O bjects, hands, feet are kept to yourself. 
           Please do not touch others belongings.
    3. U se only positive language
           No put downs or inappropriate language.
    4. R emember -
           Responsibility (bring materials to class and do all work)
           Respect (show adults and classmates a positive, caring
           Ready ( Be ready to learn with materials.)
Last Modified on July 25, 2018