• The art department is very proud to be a part of a district that provides such strong support for their program. Because of this, students are required to supply minimal materials. Materials needed by the student include a folder and notebook, pencils---lots of pencils, and extra or ultra fine point black Sharpie Markers are needed if you are in Studio in Art, Drawing, Illustration, Printmaking, and Cartooning.

    Painting students are encouraged to have their own supply of small paint brushes, a sealed Tupperware/Gladware type container for paints, and an old towel or wash cloth. Dress accordingly if you're worried about getting your clothes dirty. A sketch book is a good way to keep your ideas, and a record of your work/progress incase something happens to your final project, and it's a way to get extra credit!  
    Studio in Film will be using digital technology, so a mini-DV camera will be used.   If you do not own one, the school provides some for student use, but care and respect must be given. It is recommended that you purchase your own mini-DV tapes.
    Printmaking class involves the use of sharp tools, although safety is taught, it must be practiced to avoid personal injury. You must provide your own t-shirt for the silk screen assignment. An apron or old shirt is advised if you're concerned about getting paint, clay, or print ink on your clothes.  You may not be able to remove these stains.