•      When I was invited to participate in "The Memory Project" with my students-we learned a great deal about ourselves, and the students from an orphanage in Kenya, Africa who sent us thier photos.  The "Memory Project" is an outreach program which was started by an art teacher who thought that it might help create awareness of the plight of these children through art.  
         By painting a portrait of these children, our students were doing a selfless act by creating something for someone who they don't even know.  The students at the orphanage got something much more in return. A sense of self.  For many of these children- these portraits are their only possessions- they are also proof that someone cared enough about them to paint their portrait and send them a letter about themselves.  
         A number of our students recieved personal "thank you" letters in return.  It was a very satisfying experience for all, and we hope to continue this in the future.