• Advanced Ceramics Full year, 1 credit

    Course Description:

    This course is designed for those who seriously want to explore and further their ceramic skills and knowledge. It is designed for students to gain a more in depth appreciation and understanding of not only clayworks and the ceramic art world; but to hopefully gain new insights of the relationship(s) between themselves and what theycreate. Students will be expected to challenge themselves by becoming more aware of these relationships and to effectively convey these relationships and concepts not only through their work, but also through oral/written critiques. In general, works created should reflect a more sophisticated understanding in the Elements and Principles of Art/Design, conceptual ideas/issues, and should be executed with a higher level of craftsmanship.
    Course Outline / Expectations:
    • During the first 20 weeks students will receive lessons focusing on craftsmanship, aesthetic decisions, and developing more conceptual based works of art. Assigned projects will have the freedom for students to further explore their own personal style and approach with clay.  New lessons are assigned periodically during the beginning of each marking period and at every 5 weeks, students will have certain requirements/projects due for critiquing and grading. Students will be exposed to a more "college like atmosphere" in a studio course, and will be expected to act and become more like a college student
    • During the last 20 weeks students will create a body of work of their own direction. Students will create a proposal that will address the themes/issues they'll be exploring and what building techniques they will focus on and find most appropriate for their direction.
    • Students are expected to be prepared to work everyday in class as well as come in to work outside of class time. Due to couse load and demand for quality work, it will be extremely hard for students to be successful without spending outside of class time working.