• Ceramics I   1/2 credit/1/2 year

    This class is designed not only as an introductory class to ceramics, but to art in general. Through ceramics, you will gain the necessary skills to understand and support your artistic opinions using proper art language and understand the different themes and purposes artists have created under throughout time.  You will begin to understand the integral role the Arts play in all our lives and how Art influences individuals, societies, and nations.  Most importantly, you will gain skills to interpret, understand, and respect the visual and multi-cultural world we live in!



    Grading is primarily determined by each students' ability to meet and/or exceed the criteria for each project, effort and class participation, and their ability to effectively communicate ideas and outcomes using appropriate art language during oral and written critiques. Attendance/tardiness may also have an effect on grades (see Attendance & Tardiness Policy). Criteria/rubric sheets will be used for all assignments.


    Grading Example for a 10week Marking Period:

    Research essay              95/100

    Analysis Exercise           50/50

    Project                          85/100  x 2  =  170/200
    Written Critique             85/100


               Final Grade:     315/450 =  88%


    Attendance / Tardiness Policy:

    3 unexcused absences will result in the drop of a letter grade. After that, a letter grade will be dropped for every 2 unexcused absences.

    5 times late/tardy to class, without a pass, will result in the drop of a letter grade. After that, a letter grade will be dropped for every 2 times being late.
    Ceramics II   1/2 credit/1/2 year
    Students who pass Ceramics I may continue on into Ceramics II and receive a full credit of Art. Ceramics II is designed to further understand the ceramic arts and its importance and place in today's society. Students will also be introduced to the main ideas behind Craft Art and its ever changing role throughout our culture. Students will create works of art exploring such themes as: traditional vs. contemporary crafts, form vs. function, craft and the narrative experience.
    Students will be expected to raise their standard of qualtiy in craftsmanship and composition using the same techniques introduced to them in Ceramics I, as well as learn the basic skills using a potter's wheel.