• .Math Courses

    ** You need 3 Credits of Math

    in order to graduate from High School**

    Algebra Foundations
    * Taken Freshman year
    * This course goes through the basic math skills that are needed to be successful in Integrated Algebra. 
    * It is a single period class
    * There will be a mid-term and a final exam given in class. 
    * You are not required the NYS Regents exam at the end of this year.  The Algebra Regents will take place after Integrated Algebra (sophomore year)
    * You will take the NYS Math Regents Competency Test (RCT) at the end of the school year.
    Integrated Algebra
    *Typically taken as a Sophomore
    * This course is a continuation of the skills learned in Algebra Foundations, but with a more indepth and detailed focus on the given topics. 
    * It is a single period class
    * There will be an in class mid-term, but no final exam. 
    * You will take the NYS Regents exam in Algebra at the end of this year.  When you take the NYS Regents exam, you will be tested on your knowledge of the topics covered both this year and last year.  www.Regentsprep.org is a good reference
    Practical Accounting
    *Typically taken as a junior or a senior.   
    * If you do not attend BOCES for your third math credit - this class is for you! 
    * In this course you will explore and build your math skills as they relate to various real world topics, such as:
     - Banking
     - Credit Cards
     - Interest Rates
     - Identity Theft
     - Budgeting
     - Measurement
     - Shopping
     - Rent
     - Mortgages
     - Loans
     & Many More!
    * Your grades will come from homework assingnments, quizzes, and projects. 
    * You will have a mid-term and final exam that will be project based. 
    * This is not a Regents course, therefore there will not be a Regents exam for you to take