Photo of Albert EinsteinThis course is designed to give students a general introduction to the field of psychology. There is no college credit offered for this course. Topics will include: history of psychology, research methods & statistics, human development, learning, brain functions and technologies, sensation and perception, states of consciousness and phobias.

     Photo of Class Conditioning in Psychology Students will be required to successfully complete a number of tasks designed to better there abilities in the areas of reading, summarizing, critical thinking and problem solving. Students will also be asked to keep a journal that will be handed in at the end of each quarter. The journal will be based on class activities, discussions and responses to articles heard on national public radio. Students will be asked to read and summarize various articles from a psychology periodical and be able to verbally express their understanding of the article. Another activity is using the choices software to look for possible carreers in the field and what requirements would be needed. Psychology is a twenty week elective that is challenging and allows students a chance to grow interpersonally. Some interesting psychology websites: Click Here.