• Grading

    Regents Chemistry:
    Your grade will be determined by Classwork (tests-25%, quizzes AND homework-15%)and lab technique and safety and lab quizzes 30%. There will be a 10, 20*, and 30-week exam  and a 40-week exam that is worth 30%.  Please note that a progress report grade will only show 40% of the overall grade as the quarter exam and the lab grade will be included at the quarter's end.
    *The 20 week exam (Midterm) will be during Regents week in January 2018.


    Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry:  

    The grade earned in advanced placement chemistry is determined by the following breakdown:

    Unit Tests:                 50%                              Quizzes:                       15%

    Lab:                            25%                              Homework:                  10% 

    The grade earned in class is a reflection of a student’s dedication to his or her commitment to study. AP Chemistry is an extremely fast paced course; students will be assigned homework for every class period. Note taking is required in class as well as from the text book in combination with the homework assignments. Students will demonstrate appropriate higher writing skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills in their daily assessments. Assignments will contain correct spelling and grammar, legible writing, complete thoughts, and citations when necessary.  Students are expected to be prepared for each class/lab meeting by reading the assigned text, completing homework and other assignments, showing up to class prepared to ask questions and ready to participate.  It is expected that students will delegate a minimum of one hour each day outside of the school environment in the study of chemistry concepts presented that day. An expectation such as this is in alignment with the statement provided in the College Board’s course description concerning unsupervised study. Since this is a college course you will be held to high expectations and mature responsibilities. Complete the assignments, labs, and be prepared for class. As in any course, responsibility for learning is in your hands, how hard you work will be a reflection on how successful you will become.  Daily attendance is expected and late work is not accepted in this course.