Grading Proceduskaterres





    Each quarter grade is based on the following weighted scale:


    ü      Homework – Weighted 20% of final grade


    ü      Projects/Writing – Weighted 30% of final grade


    ü      Classwork/Participation – Weighted 20% of final grade


    ü      Test/Quizzes – Weighted 30% of final grade



    Student Expectations

    a.       Read all reading assignments and respond when asked.

    b.      Participate in oral presentations and large group discussions.

    c.       Be present and on time everyday.

    d.      Be on-task during class.

    e.       Complete all homework, quizzes, tests, projects, notes, etc. by the deadline.  Quizzes or tests missed due to legal absence must be made up within a week.  Projects and presentations missed, due to legal absence, must be rescheduled with the teacher when student returns to school.  Please note:  it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about and make up all missed work due to a legal absence.  Depending on the assignment, late work may not be accepted, or a penalty may be imposed.

    f.        Follow school and classroom rules and regulations.

    g.       Communicating or cheating in any way during a quiz or test will result in a zero for anyone involved.  This also applies to homework and other class assignments.  Always do your own work. 


    Final Exam

    The final exam for English 9 is comprised of three different sections, given at the end of the year.  The final exam is one-fifth of the final grade.


    Section A                     Multiple Choice Test on the 25 Core Vocabulary Words                      

    Section B                     Controlling idea paragraph

    Section C                     Literary term paragraph


    Final Grade

    The final grade for the course is computed by averaging the four quarters and final exam as demonstrated in the example below:


    Quarter 1         Quarter 2         Quarter 3         Quarter 4         Final Exam  =   Final Grade

    70                     75                    80                    85                     80                    78%