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    The Scoop on Miss Ziemba:

         My entire working career has been spent working with children (babysitting, daycares, etc.).  Even at a young age, I knew that going to college to become a teacher was my calling in life.  I graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and I received my Master's degree from there as well.  I officially became an licensed New York State teacher in 1992 ("teaching" neighborhood kids when I was nine years old or so doesn't count). I started working at Pioneer High School in 1999, and I have been teaching 9th grade English since then. I enjoy teaching, as it allows me to work with so many different people each day; no day is ever the same! I also enjoy the 9th grade curriculum, and I hope you do as well.

         I have many hobbies. I enjoy reading, especially during the summer. In addition, I love being out in the great outdoors: hiking, biking, snowshoeing...pretty much anything that allows me to feel the sunshine and smell the fresh air.  I also enjoy classic cars, gardening, decorating my house, cheering on the Buffalo Sabres, ROLLER SKATING (you can see me in action in the picture below), and listening to music.

         Regarding pets, I love animals of all types. I adopted two Siberian Huskies from a local rescue (a picture of them appears below); they definitely keep things interesting around the house!


    me   me in tree