English 9 Overview


    Welcome to English 9!  I am hopeful this will be a successful and enjoyable year for you.    As we read and explore different genres of literature, we will focus on writing and communication skills.  Writing assignments will vary, but an emphasis will be placed on parallel assessments for the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents Exam, specifically the controlling idea paragraph and the literary response paragraph.  Communication skills will be addressed through presentations of major projects related to literary works covered. 


            Class Expectations:

    EVERYDAY, you need your three-ring binder with seven dividers.  The dividers will help us keep track of our units.  You may label them according to the Chapter List (see below).  It is important that you KEEP all materials because of periodic notebook quizzes; it will also help you prepare for the Regents exam. 


    In order to have a productive year, we must follow this guideline:

      Be responsible, respectful, and ready (prepared).




    English 9 – Units and Essential Questions


    Quarter One Topic: The Novel (Lord of the Flies)/Grammar Introduction

    What character flaws can lead to oppression?

    Do human beings need social order?

    Where is the line between civilization/savagery?

    Are human beings innately good/evil?

    Do life experiences force the loss of innocence?

    How does an author's use of literary elements enhance thematic messages? 


    Quarter Two Topic: Short Stories/Grammar Refinement

    What shapes our personality?

    What are the consequences of our actions? 

    What affects our relationships?

    How can pride be one's downfall?

    Quarter 3 Topic: Research/Poetry/Nonfiction/Grammar Refinement

    Why organize? 

    Why is research important?

    How can personal expression be a "double-edged sword"?


    Quarter 4: Drama/Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)/Grammar Refinement

    Can we control our fate? (Is it different now than in Shakespeare’s time?)

    Does inexperience cause teenagers to do things to extremes?

    Should youth question authority and think for themselves?

    What is love?