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                This handbook has been prepared and revised by the Director, Assistant Director and the Handbook Committee for all members of the Pioneer Marching Band.  These regulations apply to everyone who is associated with the band.



                Any student in Grades 7-12 that is in good standing with school authorities may join Marching Band.  Members will receive a grade on their report cards for participating in Marching Band. Those who intend to participate in Fall or Winter activities with the band are encouraged to march for the entire summer season.



                Attendance and punctuality of every member at every practice is vital to the effective functioning of the organization.  There may be an occasion beyond your control when you are unable to attend.  If this happens, put all information in writing, with parents signature, and give it to the Director/Assistant Director in advance.  Failure to take this responsibility and the lack of attendance will be reflected in the students grade.  Validity of the excuses and whether they are acceptable or not is up to the Director/Assistant Director.  Students with unexcused absences will be written out of the field and/or street show.



                Band members MUST use school transportation to parades unless it is absolutely impossible to attend otherwise.  In the latter case, you must have written permission from your parents.



                The sound level must be kept down to and from a parade ( this may be waived after a big win!).  You should be thinking about the event and how best to perform.  Be CONSIDERATE of other members, chaperones, and the bus driver - conduct yourself properly.  Always keep the bus clean, avoid excessive moving around, and NEVER THROW ANYTHING OR PLACE ANY PART OF YOUR BODY OUT OF THE WINDOW.  DO NOT YELL OUT OF THE WINDOWS.  No radios are to be taken on the bus.  Upon arrival for a parade the BOYS will be asked to exit the bus so the GIRLS can change into their uniforms.  Once they have finished, the GIRLS will be asked to exit the bus and the BOYS will re-enter the bus to change into their uniforms.  This process needs to be done in an efficient manner, follow the direction of the Director/Assistant Director or chaperones present.



                There will be an equipment crew that will load and unload the bus, follow their instruction.  Uniforms MUST BE hung on wooden or plastic hangers inside a garment bag.  Hats WILL BE stored in their boxes and/or bags. 



                Uniforms will be provided for members.  Uniforms will be signed out prior to departure on the day of parade, and signed back in upon return.  The uniform manager will arrange for cleaning, care and alteration of uniforms.  There will be a one time fee of $23.00 for uniform/shoe maintenance .



                Shoes suitable for marching must be worn to practice.  NO CLOGS/SLIP ON SHOES! Bare feet are prohibited at all times; practice and parades.  Wear loose comfortable clothing because we have exercises to improve marching that are difficult to perform in tight clothes.  Most practices will be outside (spring, summer and fall) so wear appropriate clothing.  If the weather is not conductive to outside practice, then bring shoes to be worn in the gym.


                Fund raisers are available for meeting trip expenses.  A point system has been established to ensure participation.  Points will be deducted if money is not turned in within one week of date sale or the designated date.  Failure to do so will result in that member not participating in current shows or parades. Past problems will ensure that this rule is enforced.  Points will also be given for participation in fund raising activities.  Members who quit, or are suspended from band loose all credit and are liable for all expenses incurred up to that time.  Upon leaving the ensemble, i.e. graduation, quitting etc. all points are forfeited.



                Section leaders have been established.  Their responsibilities include:

                            1.  Getting their section lined up.

    2.  Making sure every member of their group knows the entire routine,                                         drill and music.

    The section leader’s job is to help you improve your marching and/or performance. Section leaders are experienced marchers.  Listen to their advice.  These members are the only members to make comments and corrections during practice.  If you have a question or comment during practice, you should see your section leader or the Director/Assistant Director.  NO ONE should talk along the parade route unless your are “AT EASE”.  This also goes for practice.



                In order for us to prepare for the upcoming field shows and parade season, outside instructors are often required.  Please pay attention to them and do what they say.



                1.  Proper dress at rehearsals and parades.

                2.  Be ON TIME for rehearsals and parades.

                3.  Keep your uniform NEAT and CLEAN and in a uniform bag.

                4.  Take your own equipment to the bus.  You will be instructed what to do then.

                5.  Keep busses clean-don’t litter.

                6.  Advance written notification of inability to attend events and rehearsals.

    7.  Follow all school rules, they apply for all school activities including Marching Band.  NOTE:DRINKING, SMOKING OR TAKING DRUGS ARE GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL FROM MARCHING BAND.

                8.  Learn music and routine.

    9.  It is the responsibility of each member to be financially prepared to make the trips, either through fund raisers or other means.  Keep abreast of your financial status as you go.  No one in a deficit situation will be allowed to go on away trips unless funds are current.  This is the only way to be fair to all members.

    10. Follow rules set forth in this handbook. Each members’ conduct will be under constant review.  Disorderly conduct or violation of handbook procedures is grounds for suspension and course failure.



                1.  Serve as leader/s during practice and parades.

    2.  Are appointed by try out and remain in position unless removed by the                                          Director/Assistant Director.

                3.  Conduct themselves as leaders and good examples to the rest of the band.



                Membership is for anyone interested in the Marching Band program at Pioneer.  Participation of parents of ALL band/guard members is essential to the success of this group!  Duties include support for the program with time and help in fund raising.  This group should also help with public relations.  Meetings are held on the first rehearsal evening of each month.  These meetings are our best source of information and communication i.e. upcoming fund raisers, rehearsal & parade schedules, etc.