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    Posted by Sharon Brush on 9/17/2008 11:00:00 AM
    Please respond to the questions below pertaining to the CNN fyi article on 20 years of MTV.
    Answer each section of questions in paragraph form using proper grammar. Type the answers in WORD. Do not post to the blog, hand in your work.
    1) What is MTV? When did MTV start its work? The article was written in 2003, what was MTV celebrating at that time? Why was this celebration important? What does it mark in terms of the entertainment industry?
    2) What has MTV done for television? How has MTV had an impact on popular culture? Which audience does MTV primarily serve? How do you feel about television programs such as MTV guiding popular culture?
    3) What impact did MTV have on the music business and artists? List some of the artists that benefited from MTV. What role did MTV play in programming for black video artists? Why do you think MTV promoted this type of programming?

    4) What risks did MTV take by merging music and video? How has it influenced the cable and mainstream television industries? How has MTV expanded its services and audience?


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