• Conduct/Class Rules

    Be Prompt Students will be inside the classroom when the bell rings.

    Be PreparedStudents will come to class with all required materials.

    Be PoliteStudents will be respectful of other students, the teacher, and the equipment in the classroom.

    Be Productive Students will use class time efficiently and effectively.

    Cheating – Obtaining work from or giving work to another student constitutes cheating. Both the giver and receiver will receive a 0 on that assignment and no extra credit will be assigned. Further penalties may also be applied based on the situation.

    Thank you for removing your hat when you enter
    Missed Assignments
     It is the student’s responsibility to find out what you missed during an absence and make arrangements to complete and submit any missed assignments by the scheduled due date. **As per Pioneer High School's ATTENDANCE POLICY, PHS is NOT required to provide make-up work for any student whose absence is UNEXCUSED!