•  Classroom rules and policies

    1. Respectful, responsible, ready: follow this while in my room
    2. Drop your cell phone off as you enter the room--> if it goes off or you are using it, I will take it.
    3. Be thoughtful of how you treat others while in my room. Listen, be quiet when appropriate, don't yell across the room, be an active member of our class.


    I do not accept zero's on projects or essays-- you must do it no matter how late it is.
    Late homework will be accepted but it will lose half credit
    Homework is either graded as complete, partially complete, not complete or graded out of 100
    Come see me with other issues about grading


    You will be written up after your third tardy, I also reserve the right to write you up for excessive unexcused absences

    Missing work because of absence

    Please get it out of the back cubbies or see me after class


    I reserve the right to send you there if you refuse to follow directions and are being insubordinate.