• ELA 11: Regents ELA
    AP English:


                    This 40 week course is designed to both hone students’ reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking, and researching skills for college classes while preparing them continuously for the AP exam. Students will engage in a variety of scholarship: reading independently, literature circles, seminar style class discussion, group projects, writing groups, personal essay writing, research writing, and test preparation for both the multiple choice sections and timed essay section of the AP exam. There will be many opportunities for personal growth and choice through outside reading decisions.  All assignments are grounded in the ability to closely analyze literature: there will be instruction and exposure to literature from the 16th century through the present day. The class will be studying 6-8 full length texts (including dramas and novels), many short stories, and a separate unit of study for poetry.

                    Students will be expected to write extensively for this class. The expectation is that students will demonstrate their ability to write pieces which explain, evaluate, compare, and analyze texts. Their assignments will be varied: short paragraphs, free-responses, reader –response journals, in-class timed essays, a poetry analysis research paper, and a 5-8 page research-based literature paper. Research papers will utilize the MLA and APA methods of citation. In addition, students will be expected to do re-writes, to share pieces in class, peer edit, and use the AP rubric to assess their own writing. Grammar instruction will be student driven through their own writing needs. Obviously, through reading, students will be expected to engage in continuous direct vocabulary instruction. As it is always a weakness, students applying sophisticated vocabulary to their own writing will be highly encouraged.

                    Any student enrolled in AP literature must take the AP exam in May to receive credit for the course. College credit is determined by individual higher learning institutions based on student performance on the AP Literature Exam. Students do not have the option to purchase credit through any community college/university accelerated learning program.