Classroom Rules & Policies

  • Supplies Needed Daily:

    Failure to come to class PREPARED will affect the students' Participation Grade

    • Pen or pencil
    • Three-ring binder (2-3inch) with 4 dividers
    • Student Agenda Book 


    Tests, quizzes, labs, binder checks, homework, and classwork will make up quarterly grades. Quarter grades will be evaluated following the grading policy. This includes:


    30% of grade will be comprised of: Unit and Chapter Tests

    25% of grade will be comprised of: Labs

    15% of grade will be comprised of: Homework

    12% of grade will be comprised of: Quizzes

    12% of grade will be comprised of: Class work (Participation, CPS grades, Performance tasks, etc.)

    6% of grade will be comprised of: Notebook Checks


    Lab Policy:

    New York State Education Department requires that in order for a student to be eligible to take the New York State Earth science regents examination he/she must satisfactorily complete at least 1,200 minutes of hands-on laboratory time in addition to class time. This equals 30 lab assignments at 40 minutes per lab. If 30 lab credits are not accumulated by the first Monday of June the student will not be allowed to take the regents test. Any laboratory report that is deemed unsatisfactory must be corrected and resubmitted before the end of the quarter the lab was performed in.



    Homework will be designed to help students understand the material. Most will be graded by the students' attempt at accurately completing the assignment; these assignments will each be worth 10 homework points, while other assignments will be graded by their accuracy and will be worth between 10-100 homework points, depending on the length. Students will be told how much each assignment is worth when they are assigned.

    10-point assignments will not be accepted late. 100-point assignments can be turned in up to 3 days late, however for each day students will loose 15points.


    Binder Checks:

    As students progress through the grades their responsibilities will grow. To help my students develop the skills necessary to be successful later I will perform binder checks. These checks will be graded based on the students' ability to keep a complete and organized binder that they can easily locate all materials necessary for each day.


    When you are absent:

    · If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to talk to me about the work missed and to set up a make-up time if necessary.

    · If a student is absent they will receive 1 day for each day they are absent to complete their missed work.

    · Any assignment that was due the day the student was out is to be turned in the day the student returns.

    Office Hours:

    Generally, I am available for student help from 2:30-3:00 as long as you let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements with my daughter's babysitter.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this material. I know that it seems like a lot to grasp but it opens up the line of communication between school and home. After all, you and your parents are my clients and it is my intention to provide my clients with the best possible education for school and for life in general. If you should have any questions or comments regarding this letter or your child's progress at any time, please contact me at 492-9300 ext. 1619 to schedule an appointment after school or email.