Arcade Elementary


  • Dear Families:

    November is here and we have a lot to be thankful for. We hope that the school year has started out right and that everyone is ready for winter. The winter months are a great time to cozy up and read. Also, board games are a great way to learn…and a way to fill up those winter nights.

    Remember that conferences are coming up (Nov. 19-20) and this is the perfect opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher and set mutual goals to ensure that this is the best year ever! Here are some tips for a successful teacher conference:

    • Come with questions for the teacher (What are my child’s academic strengths? What should we work on at home to help our child? How does my child interact socially with his/her peers?)
    • Come with an open mind
    • Ask for a time to follow up with the teacher regarding areas of concern
    • Develop goals for home and school for the year
    • Be sure to focus on the positive

    We’ve had a very exciting October. Thanks for all of you support at school. As always, thanks for sharing your children with us. My door is always open.



    Mrs. Devitt, Principal

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