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Dear Families:

December is filled with fun at Arcade Elementary. Our elf was delivered by Deputy Shields. He showed the students all month how to be respectful, responsible and ready and participated in our festivities. A big thank you to Mr. Wilton for putting on the wonderful winter concert for our community.

The second part of the year is where you will see a lot of growth in your children. Non-readers will become readers, students will be able to control impulsivity and deep learning will happen. The winter months are a great time for reading and practicing math facts…since we can’t get outside to play!

Please note that when there is a two-hour delay:

· Busses will arrive two hours later than they are normally scheduled

· Students may be dropped off following normal procedures at 10:45

· The school day will begin at 11:00. The remainder of the day will run normally.

· Latchkey will run normal hours opening at 7:00

· Cars are still not allowed in the front parking lot
We hope that you enjoy your holiday time with your friends and family. Please remember that my door is always open. Thank you for sharing your children with us.

Mrs. Devitt

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