Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes, the smallest units of sound that can differentiate meaning. Separating the spoken word "cat" into three distinct phonemes, /k/, /a/, and /t/, requires phonemic awareness skill. The National Reading Panel has found that phonemic awareness improves children's word reading and reading comprehension, as well as helping children learn to spell. Phonemic awareness is the basis for learning phonics.

Here are some of our favorite online games and resources to promote phonemic awareness.

K-3 Learning Pages; Phonemic Awareness
Links to games such as Clifford"s Sound Game and Elmo Rhymes.

Mrs. Boyd"s "Have More Fun" headquarters
Links to games for rhyming and syllabication. Sound Discrimination
Designed to exercise the neural pathways involved in distinguishing subtle differences in sound, this group of games works at training the basic fundamentals necessary for language, listening, and reading. Improvements in these types of activities have been associated with improvements in academic performance and reading.

Game Goo
Educational games that help students to develop early literacy and language skills.

Clifford"s Interactive Storybooks
Interactivce activities for phonemic awareness and phonics.

DIBELS Interventions
Click on the specific skill to find links to numerous electronic games used to reinforce early literacy skills.

Last Modified on August 8, 2012